6 Stages Of A Cat Falling In Love With His Baby Sister

One can never be sure what a cat’s reaction will be when there is a new arrival in  the family.

I vividly remember the day that I bought my baby home from the hospital and wondered how my cat would deal with this new addition to the household. I have be to honest in saying that I was hesitant, would she be jealous of the newest member to our family?

I had nothing to worry about, she was keen to see what all the fuss was about and they have been firm friends ever since.

Meet Milo. He’s a beautiful and furry and rather unsure about the new arrival in the house. This gave his humans the idea to document their introduction to each other and classify it into six stages. (Scroll down for video)

Stage 1. “what is this?” I think the look on his face says it all!


Stage 2. “Not sure how to feel about it.” He’s getting closer but is not yet convinced.


Stage 3. “Let’s make the most of this situation.” Cheeky Milo thinks that baby’s things have to be shared.


Stage 4. “She’s not that bad after all.” It appears that Milo now enjoys hanging out with his baby sister.


Stage 5. “She’s actually the coolest.” That’s it! Milo’s smitten.


Stage 6. “I will love and protect her forever.” A cat’s love knows no bounds.


Watch the video:

This delightful video captures a very special moment and will give the baby someone to look back on when she’s older and still hanging out with Milo, her best friend.


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