60+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Farm Hoarding Situation

60+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Farm Hoarding Situation

After a tenant was finally evicted from her property, it was apparent why the public and officials were so concerned. The house had previously been used for dog breeding and had once housed over 30 dogs for this purpose.

Unfortunately, there was dozens of cats and kittens trying to survive outside as well, they were living in freezing temperatures and were void of any vet care, but with the tenant gone something could now be done about it. The barn had become a home for all the stray and feral cats in the area, with so many hiding places it was a difficult task ahead trying to capture all them all. There was also a lot of pregnant cats and they had to move fast to try and stop the cycle of neglect and suffering. What amazing work these people do and as you will see it was not an easy task.

Click here to meet a senior feral cat that becomes a total mama’s boy!

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