9 Reasons To Adopt a Ginger Cat

I love ginger cats! In fact, I think they’re totally adorable. In my experience they are always friendly, love to play, love to cuddle, they are downright goofy and usually seem to get on with other cats. We have just adopted a ginger rescue into our family and he is a total delight.

Cat Man Chris is of the same opinion as me, Marmalade has been a member of his family for some years now and I’m sure life wouldn’t be the same without him. Chris says: “Ginger tabby cats are truly special and if you ask me, downright magical cats! … Who wouldn’t want to adopt an orange kitty?!” He has given us 9 great reasons why you should adopt a ginger cat but I’m sure there’s many more!

Click here to meet five adorable orphaned ginger kittens!

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