A Love Song To My Cat

Our cats take up a big part of our lives, they become part of the family. What makes it so unfair is that our beloved kitties are only with us for a short time compared to our own life span and it’s very difficult when you have to say goodbye.

Kyle Davis is an actor, he played Lil’ Kevin in the hit show “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and his beloved cat Peanut is reaching the end of his days. Kyle says: “This is a love song to my amazing cat Peanut. He is still with us but not sure for how much longer. So I made this song for him so he would know how much I love him! And maybe this will help other people going through the loss of one of their pet kids. I LOVE YOU PEANUT!”
What a lovely way to remember your kitty – it really brought a tear to my eye.

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