Acupuncture Treatment Helps Paralyzed Kitten Takes First Steps

When 2-month-old Talleyrand arrived at the Humane Rescue Alliance, she was paralyzed with no deep pain or movement in her hind legs or tail.

She had fallen down a storm drain and her injuries were left untreated for several days. X-rays were taken and they confirmed she had a fracture of her L3 vertebra and a shifting of her spinal column.

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Shortly after arriving, it was decided that Talleyrand such start acupuncture treatment and since then has regained feeling as well as movement in her hind feet and tail.

Before the treatment she wasn’t able to urinate or defecate on her own and it was necessary for staff to express her bladder. She can now get herself in and out of her litter box and has made amazing progress.

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She’s also receiving electroacupuncture which will help stimulate her nerves and in doing so increase the effect from the acupuncture treatments.

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It’s thanks to the care and determination of all the medical team and volunteers at the Humane Rescue Alliance that Talleyrand took her first steps towards life as a normal cat and is expected to be able to walk on her own again.

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Watch the video here:

And look at her progress – what a transformation:

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