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Cat Finds Love After 10 Years Living as Feral and Now He Can’t Stop Cuddling

Posted in Cat Videos - On: March 23, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Videos 
Last Updated: March 23, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

A tabby cat that had spent the majority of his life fending for himself on the streets, discovered love and joy when a woman rescued him from the edge of despair.

Cat rescuer and foster carer Lindsay stumbled upon this rough and scruffy feline and knew she had to help.


"He was part of an outdoor colony that I was working on TNRing (Trap-neuter-return), and he was very trap-savvy and hard to catch," Lindsay told Love Meow.

One day, Lindsay noticed that he was unwell and decided she had to rescue him because he definitely need help.

mr b 1

"When we finally caught him he practically walked into the trap voluntarily, it was almost like he was begging for help."

Once at the vets he was neutered and treated for his severe mange and ear infection. They also discovered that he had FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

mr b 2

The clinic suggested that he should be put down, but Linsday could see in his eyes that he wasn't ready to give up on life.

She named him Mr. Belvedere or Mr. B and took him home with the hope of making him better.


Before long, he began to open up. Lindsay continued with his treatment, and also took him to the dentist to remove some of his teeth that were rotting. 

mr b 4

He was finally on the road to recovery and began to realize that living with humans wasn't so bad after all.

It was a magical moment for Lindsay, and for Mr B!


As he was feral, she knew it would be a hard road to get him used to humans, but she came up with a great idea that had him looking for cuddles in no time.

A wooden spoon!

"I had been touching him lightly with the wooden spoon on his paw. He seemed to like it, so then I went after his face. He was in such heaven."

mr b 6

After a few months, with lots of love and patience from Lindsay, Mr B took that final step and sat on Lindsay's lap.

It was a defining moment for them both.

mr b 3

Lindsey knew that he was now ready to take that final step and put him up for adoption. 

It would take somebody special to look after this senior kitty, he had spent so long on the streets - then along came Jenna, a vet tech from South Carolina.

mr b 8

She instantly fell in love when she saw his picture:

"He had me at the wooden spoon!" She exclaimed.

mr b 7

Lindsay saw that they would make a good match and Mr B could finally live out his retirement days full of comfort and love.

mr b 5

"Mr. B is the most unique animal I have ever met, and he has changed my life forever. He shows love, trust, strength, resilience, and so much more,"  shared Jenna.

"We can't imagine life without him."

Watch the video below:

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About the author

Jan Travell is a lifelong cat owner and a feline expert. She's been the Cats and Kittens lead editor from the start. She lives in rural France with her two rescue cats, Tigerlily and Mr.Gee. Her senior kitty, Ducati, passed over the rainbow bridge recently at the ripe old age of 22.

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