Angry Cats Who Hate the Vet

Going to the vet can be a bad experience for most kitties, I know this to be true of my two, luckily their visits are rare as they are both very healthy cats. We always leave the carrier out sometime before a visit so they can get used to it which seems to help a little and they both become very vocal on the short trip. Once home they seem agitated but soon settle down into their normal rhythm fo life. I see many similarities in this video between my two and the lovely Cole and Marmalade.

Cat Man Chris is often asked how Cole and Marmalade cope with their visits to the vet. Chris explains: “Marm has quite the reputation at vets because of his CATITUDE, when he was going through chemo treatments every week, I sometimes had to go into the room alone and put a mask on him so he couldn’t bite the vet techs! … Poor lil guy as been through so much in his short time here on earth. Cole’s not fond of vet visits either and he’s very vocal at times, but his hisses are just empty threats.”

Click here to see what happens when Simon’s Cat has to have a visit to the vet!

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