Boomer the Cat Breaks Skateboarding World Record

Boomer the cat lives with animal trainer Catmantoo and this talented kitty is attempting to break a skateboarding world record. He is going to try and beat the current record of the longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding cat.

The rule is that he must push the skateboard all by himself and travel under everyone’s legs. The minimum amount of people had to be thirteen and Boomer manages a staggering twenty pairs of legs! He will now join his sister Didga who also holds a world record for the most tricks done by a cat in one minute. Catmantoo says: “This is all in good fun and helps to bring attention to our social media accounts where we can show people just how smart cats are, plus shine the light on important animal welfare causes. So, Go Boomer!”
What an amazing pair of kitties!
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Click here to see more of Didga and Boomer in action!

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