California Adoption Adventure for Chloe, the Paralyzed Kitten

We’ve been following the progress of Chloe for some time now. She was in the care Kitten Lady aka Hannah Shaw, who usually fosters tiny kittens that need round the clock care, but when Hannah met Chloe she knew she had to help. It’s now a few months down the line and the time has come for Chloe to make the big journey by plane to meet her new family in her forever home.

Chloe is paralyzed so it was important that the right human parents were chosen as she will need lots of care and attention to help her lead a normal life. She has been having lots of physical therapy and also acupuncture treatments to help her along the way and because of her paralysis she needs help going to the toilet. Her new family are happy to help so it looks as if Hannah made the right choice. She also has an older brother who is ginger like her so I’m sure lots of adventures, fun and of course love, are in store for Chloe.

Click here to see Chloe’s progress when she was living with Hannah!

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