Cat Calls People To Wall To Save His Kitten Friend Stuck Inside

Everyone knows the local neighborhood stray kitty, she’s friendly up to a point, just don’t touch her belly! One day it was noticed that she was hanging around in a particular place for no apparent reason. When approached by a human she would get up, walk a short way and then sit down again. She repeated this a few times and it was beginning to be obvious that she wanted to be followed. When she arrived at a wall she sat down and waited for the humans to realize what was going on.

That was when they heard a sound, there was an animal crying out but they couldn’t work out where from. They soon discovered that the crying was coming from the gas exhaust pipe, so using an endoscope camera they saw two little eyes staring back at them, there was a kitten was stuck part-way down the pipe with no way of getting out. Upon hearing the news a vet arrived to help and they managed to get a hose down the pipe to hydrate the kitten that may have been stuck there for many days. The only way to rescue the kitten was to tear down the wall, so with the residents’ permission they began their mission. When they reached the pipe they cut a section out of it and soon the little kitten’s head emerged – the rescue mission was a success. If it wasn’t for the local stray cat taking charge of the situation and getting help, this little kitty may not have made it.

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