Cat Gets Stuck Under a Car and Finds Her Forever Home

One of our followers Staci Kauffman has a great story to tell about how her lovely kitten Mercedes came into the lives of her and her husband, Jon Kauffman.

Jon tells us: “Staci was driving to work when she heard the distinct sound of a meowing cat coming from somewhere in her car. Forty five minutes later when she arrived at work, she checked the car and could not find where that sound was coming from. When she left work, she could still hear the loud meowing. She decided to take the car to the dealership, and they found a 10 week old kitten stuck underneath the car near the back wheel. We have adopted her and welcomed her into our home. We named her Mercedes, which was fitting because of her choice of hiding spots.”

kauffman 2

He adds: “Staci usually keeps her car in the garage. Two days prior, she left the car outside. The kitten must have crawled underneath the car during that rainy night. She survived 2 days in the Florida heat under the car and the long commute to and from work. She is lucky to be alive.”

What a happy ending for a very courageous kitten who has now found her forever home.


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