Cat Leads Her Pack Of Husky Dogs

Nobody thought that a 2-week-old street kitten would survive, but then she met a Husky called Lilo who helped her grow up strong, they live with their human family and two other beautiful Husky dogs. Rosie has come a long way from the emaciated kitten that was found on the streets, now she’s the leader of the pack!

Her canine family follow her everywhere and when it’s time for a walk Rosie has her own leash and they all go for a stroll together and have tons of adventures. In fact, Rosie has spent so much time with her Huskies that she has become a lot like them. She loves to chase her tail, go on car rides and is very capable of doing some dog tricks. And now that she’s older she helps out with the foster kittens – just like Lilo did with her.

Click here to see Rosie checking out snow for the first time with her Husky pack!

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