Cat Maze! Where’s the Exit?

Cat Maze! Where’s the Exit?
Pusic is a sweet black and white cat who was found on the streets in winter, sick and very weak. His humans rescued him, gave him lots of love and attention and 3 years down the line he is a healthy, loving kitty – and very talented! They love to keep him occupied and decided a maze would be a good way to test his intelligence.

His human explains: “The entrance is blocked. The walls are one meter high. No way to find a loophole or a trapdoor. The only one way to escape is to find the exit. Will the cat be able to manage? And do you know what? We have never counted how long it takes us to create our videos. But now we did it just for fun. If you are interested we spent 32 hours to make up a 3 minute video.”
Do you think Pusic will find his way out of the maze?

Click here to see another video featuring Pusic the rescue kitty!

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