Cat Meets Mole and Does An Unexpected Thing

When Cat was wondering around in the garden on a sunny day he spotted a mound of earth that appeared to move. Cats, as we already know, are curious creatures by nature, so he sat beside it and waiting to see what might possibly emerge.

He didn’t have to wait long because once again the earth began to move – something was burrowing it’s way to the sunlight and kitty was going to be the first thing it sees. As soon as the mole poked his tiny nose through the dirt, cat was there, already in pounce mode. Cat wasn’t quick enough and little moley escapes to the safety of his tunnels. The next part is hilarious as the disgruntled cat decides to leave a little present…Yep, you guessed it, POOP!

Click to see a curious kitten that is over the top cute!

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