Cats Showing Their Love By Saying “I Love You!”

We all know that cats can’t speak, imagine if they did, that would be a very different world indeed. But maybe after living with us humans for so long they have begun to mimic our voices, after all, it is said that they invented the “meow” just for our benefit, so why not try and sound like us as well. They do like to have the upper hand and this is just another way getting it.

But being ever optimistic, I would like to think that if my kitty could speak, I love you would be one of the first things she says. In this delightful compilation we see all sorts of cats attempting to say those three little words and by all accounts I think some of them even manage it, others not so much but it’s a joy to watch nonetheless.

Click here to see a talking cat that says “I don’t know!”

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