Couple Hears Cat Meowing From Their Engine During Road Trip

Andrew and Christine were travelling to Dallas for a wedding and when they hit the freeway that thought they could hear meowing from somewhere in their car, in fact Andrew said it sounded more like a howl. They were both very worried so immediately pulled the car over and when they popped the hood they realized that there was actually a cat somewhere in the engine.

They could not see him but he was definitely there, they could hear his meows. They decided to call the fire department because they didn’t know what else to do. After arriving on the scene they spent an hour trying to work out how they could remove the cat safely, they even tried to lure him out with dog treats. It was then that they realized the best thing to do was to take the car to a garage where somebody would have more knowledge in taking the engine apart. Luckily there was one about half a mile away so they very slowly crawled along the freeway feeling very stressed out about the situation, not knowing whether the cat would survive the short journey.

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