Couple Save Blind Kitten Then Return To Shelter For His Brother

Jen and Ian are animal lovers, especially cats. For this reason, they’ve been fostering cats for nine years. Last year, Jen and Ian returned to the shelter to find another cat to foster. They were planning on fostering an adult cat but then they spotted a blind kitten who melted their hearts.

Jen talked to the vet and learned what happened to the little kitty’s eyes. He explained that the kitten was born with genetic issues that caused the blindness but there was no reason why he wouldn’t grow up healthy and happy.

This caring couple knew that the kitten needed their help so they decided to foster him and they named him Bop. At his new house he explored and played just like any other kitten. However, Jen’s cats did not know  how to interact with this little blind kitten and they were wary of him.

Then Jen remembered that Bop had a brother at the shelter, Boop. She hoped that Boop would bridge the gap between her other cats and Bop. Amazingly Boop got along fine with the other cats but he also loved his brother and soon all the cats were happily playing with each other.

After six months the couple started talking about finding homes for these siblings – they were ready for adoption. Their hearts sank and that was when they realized that they didn’t want to give them up. They loved them both so the only course of action was for Jen and Ian to officially adopt them.

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