Curious Kittens Explore Their Dog Grooming Salon

It all began with Peaches. She was once a stray cat that has made her home in a dog grooming salon and spends her time watching over the shop.

Peaches loves every one that comes into the salon, she even greets customers at the reception desk and keeps an eye on what goes on in the back room.


When Peaches isn’t watching over the salon, she’s watching over something even more special – her three week-old triplets.

Two tiny boys and a precious little girl, Zack, Milo and Callie, all tucked safely away in the corner of the shop.


It’s always a pleasure to see little kittens grow and two weeks later they have opened their eyes, what will they make of their surroundings now that they can see?

Sometimes the salon can be a hectic place, Peaches of course takes it all in her stride, this confident calico has seen it all!


What an interesting place for three little kittens to grow up in.

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