Cute Cat is Saying Something to Me

This video was made by Robin Seplut, a kind man from Russia who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties in his community. Even when he comes across cats that are weary of human company, he does his best to feed them and care for them.

Today we meet a very cute kitty that is being very vocal when approached. Robin hasn’t seen this cat before so he slowly puts out his hand and the cat comes closer to check it out.

She’s very cautious though, probably not used to human company so she scampers away and hides under a bench. Robin puts out some food and one of the other community cats puts his head straight in the bowl, thankful for the yummy food this kind man brings almost every day.

The vocal cat once again approaches but seems very hesitant about tucking in to the free chow. Soon the other cats arrive so Robin puts out a second bowl of food, and still the vocal kitty just sits there, watching the others eat.

Watch the video:

I guess we’ll never know what it was she was trying to say. You can tell that the cats love the way Robin looks after them and some of them are even affectionate towards him, even though they are strays.

The community cats in this area are very lucky to have such a caring man looking out for them.

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