Cyclist Saves a Kitten’s Life and She Can’t Stop Kissing Him

Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca was out for a ride when he happened upon a lost kitten. There was no way that Viitor could leave the kitten to fend for herself so he decided to take the kitten with him. Since he had no backpack or anything else to carry the kitten in, the only option was to put the little kitten inside his shirt.

This didn’t seem to bother the kitten at all and whilst tucked away in his shirt on the ride home she started to shower him in kisses, grateful that she had been saved. Viitor said on his Facebook page: “Saving a little life today, I’m glad that she liked me and was not clawing me.” As you can see, this little tabby kitten brought a large smile to Viitor’s face.


Fortunately it didn’t take Viitor long to find the kitten a forever home close by to where he lives. I think this little adventure is something that neither Viitor and the kitten he rescued, will easily forget.

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