Didga and Rascal Meet Face To Face

We’ve all met Didga before, she was a rescue kitty and an amazing Guinness World record holder . She is also renowned for her awesome skateboarding skills. She lives with dog trainer Robert aka Catmantoo and he decided to help the local cat community by fostering a cat called Rascal, while at the same time seeing how Didga would react with another cat around the house.

Robert says: “After 3.5 years of Didga growing up an only pet, I decided to foster a kitten, I knew Didga would love the companionship. At first, Didga was not happy. As most of you know I am a professional animal behaviourist, so I took a few days following the prescribed method when introducing 2 cats …. well, take a look at the results.”
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Click here to meet Boomer the cat, Didga’s new best friend!

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