Do Cats Get Goosebumps?

We all get goosebumps sometimes,  also known as goose pimples or goose flesh, they are the bumps on your skin at the base of body hairs and will involuntarily develop when you are cold or experiencing strong emotions such as fear, euphoria and arousal.

But do cats also get goosebumps? And do they have a reaction to the cold just like us. In this video, Pusic’s human parents put it to the test. As you will see,  Pusiс’s has some pretty moves when he feels the cold, is this his own version goosebumps?

FACT: Cats do get goosebumps just like us humans – it’s known as hackles or Halloween cat and makes their fur stand on end, which would be the same for us if we were covered in fur.

Click here to see how much Pusic loves his humans by giving them the most adorable hugs!

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