Every Cat at Christmas

If you didn’t already know Cat Man Chris and Jess are cat parents to Cole, Marmalade, Jugg and ZigZag. They have loads of fun together and make great videos that entertain and inform at the same time.

With Christmas just around the corner, Chris thought it would be fun to portray how cats react to Christmas and our obsession with hanging decorations and putting up a tree. He does a very good job of getting in the way, pulling at tinsel, completely wrecking the tree and of course knocking our Christmas decorations off the shelf. It’s looks as though he’s having the time of his life pretending to be cat – and Jess? Well she just puts up with all of it. And if you’re wondering where all the cats are Chris says: “Don’t worry, there will be less humans and much more felines in the future.” I sure hope so!

Click here to see what Cole and Marmalade get up to at night!

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