Grumpy Old Feral Cat is a Big Softy at Heart

Mason is an ancient, battle-scarred feral cat with advanced kidney disease. In addition to the aches and pains that come with old age, he also suffered from a badly injured foot, several abscessed teeth and a ferocious temperament to match. TinyKittens is a group that helps rescue cats and kittens and instead of euthanasia, they felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort, free from pain.

Mason was adjusting to his new home but was still very wary of any affection people tried to bestow on him. That is, until he was introduced to some foster kittens – What happened next will make your heart melt and he is now affectionately  known as ‘Grandpa Mason.’

Click here to see a grumpy rescue kitten transform into a happy kitty!

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