Guy Biking Across The World Picks Up A Stray Kitten

Dean was biking across the world when he met a tiny little kitten who kept following him wherever he went.

He explains: “I turned ’round and had this wee monster chasing me, meowing her heart out. She was quite scruffy looking and she was quite skinny so I gave her some food. My first thought was, I wasn’t going to take her.”


But before long he changed his mind and decided he couldn’t leave her behind so she joined Dean on his journey.

He cleared up some space on his bike to make a cosy little spot for her but she just wanted to get closer to Dean.


While on the road she climbed out of her spot and got up onto Dean’s shoulder. He says: “The first night I set up my tent she just wouldn’t leave my side, everything I do, I’ve got to do with her.”

This unlikely pair are on the road for about 7 hours a day and most nights sleep in a tent. She loves being in the tent, it’s like a kitty playground and loves to get into the sleeping bag with Dean and fall asleep in the nook of his armpit.


He named her Nala and she has become the purr-fect travel buddy.

Having a cat with him on his adventures has totally changed Dean, she is now his priority and he got her a pet passport so that he’d never have to leave her behind.


Watch the video:

If you want to see more of Dean and Nala, you can follow their adventures on Instagram.

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