What Kind of Cat is Smoothie? – A Breed That is Often Unwanted

“What breed is Smoothie the Cat?” is the number 1-question that is asked on all her social platforms. In this video her human explains a bit more about her breed and also why it is unknown and often unwanted. Can you imagine?

“Smoothie & Milkshake are both British Longhair cats. Respectively golden shaded & silver shaded. The British Longhair is a development from the British Shorthair breed. In the mid-20th century these cats were interbred with Persian cats. That’s why a lot of British catteries received semi-longhair kittens, not something that they wanted. They saw it as a mistake. Nowadays a lot has changed – in The Netherlands there are even catteries that are specialised in British Longhair cats. But there are still a lot of countries where the breed isn’t officially recognised.”

Click here to see when Smoothie first met Milkshake!

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