Kind Man Rescues Abandoned Kitten at Playground

Posted in Cat Videos - On: July 13, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Videos 
Last Updated: July 13, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

The world is full of kind people and it is always inspiring to hear stories about how they have changed the life of an abandoned or stray cat.

When a kind man discovered an abandoned kitten at his local playground, he instantly knew that she needed him.


The playground was right next to the highway, a dangerous place for a little kitten to be all alone.

He realised that plenty of people had already passed by and none of them had made any effort to help her.

As soon as this man, Brad, saw the kitty he knew he had to do something. He couldn’t bear the idea of the little kitten being left there all alone, there was no way that he would leave her behind.


It’s never been easy to catch a young kitten that is not used to humans, so he went home and returned with food and water, he continued to do this for a number of days until he was able to gain her trust enough so that he could grab her.

This little kitten was grateful that somebody was giving her the attention that she needed, she showed little or no resistance and appeared happy to be in his company.

So Brad took her home and it was the start of a loving friendship which included his other cat, Tom, who looked after her like she was his own.

In fact Tom acted as a mother cat usually does towards her kittens, he groomed her, cuddled her and taught her what it is to be a cat.


At first Brad thought he would a good family to adopt her but the attachment now was too strong.

He named her April and she has now grown into a happy and confident cat.

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