Kitten Becomes The Leader Of Her Dog Pack

Kitten Becomes The Leader Of Her Dog Pack
Meet a kitty that is leader of her dog pack, it’s been her job since she was a tiny kitten. But she started out all alone. Her human found her at the side of the road when she was about 8 weeks old, she was hiding underneath an overpass with cars rushing by, the lady knew the only thing to do was take her home but was worried about how her three rescue dogs might react.

The lady, Anneliessa, decided to name her TK, which is short for tiny kitten, and she had nothing to worry about as the dogs were great with her, in fact she became their boss! But TK wasn’t the only new addition to the pack, just one day before she rescued TK Anneliessa had decided to adopt Willow, so in a short space of time this lovely family had become bigger  and they all bonded immediately.

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