Kitten Comforts Her Brother After They Were Saved From Freezing Weather

When two good samaritans spotted two kittens outside their apartment building they knew they had to help. It was freezing conditions and it looked as though the kittens were searching for food. They decided the best thing to do was to contact Infinite Hope, a rescue group based in Brooklyn, hoping that the group could help the kittens.

After a visit to the vets it was revealed that the kittens were around 5 months old, sadly, both the kittens have a chromosomal abnormality which explains their unusual appearance.  Dactyl, the ginger kitty, has a condition called entropion, which made his eyelid roll in and press against his eye. It also meant he had to rely on his sister, Morela, to help him to survive on the streets. They were so lucky to have each other during their hardship and a blessing that two kind hearted found them in the nick of time. Both kittens are now up for adoption.

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