Kitten Meowing For Help From 40 Feet Down A Skinny Pipe

This tiny kitten was stuck at least 40 feet down a pipe for 4 days, they tried to lure him out with food and put branches down there hoping he would understand and cling onto one but nothing worked. That’s when they decided to contact a rescue team.

The rescue team arrived and put a camera down the pipe to check out what sort of shape the kitten was in. he seemed in bad shape, maybe he had injured himself and couldn’t move, so the rescuers tried to keep him alert while they figured out what to do. They ‘meowed’ at him and soon he began to answer back. They then got a small snare hoping that they could gentle capture him and bring him to safety. The little kitty began to climb of his own accord but he wasn’t at the right angle to safely snare him. Something else needed to be done so they pulled back the snare and had to start all over again. Take a look at see what happened.

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