Kittens Reunited With Mom After Rescue From Factory

A whole litter of tiny kittens were found hiding in a factory and rescuers were called in to save them. It took a couple of hours but  they were soon in safe hands, the only problem was that they couldn’t find the mother cat. They looked everywhere but she was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile the tiny kittens were taken to the sanctuary to receive the care and attention they needed.

Luckily, not long after, somebody at the factory spotted the mother cat, so they raced back with traps and the hope that would still be there. They managed to catch her and headed back to the sanctuary where she was reunited with her little family, you could see her look of relief to be with her babies again. What a precious moment for us to share.

Click here to see the emotional reunion between a man and his 20 year-old blind cat.

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