Koko The Gorilla Fosters 3 Kittens To Raise Awareness For Shelter Animals

There’s no creature too big or small to make an impact in the community. Just ask Koko the gorilla, who recently became the foster mom of kittens Bear, Mia and Vaida from the San Jose Animal Care Center in California.. While Koko is only allowed to interact with Bear, Mia and Vaida under supervision, the interaction is good for both the kittens and the gorilla.

Koko, who has never birthed children of her own, has proven to have a strong maternal instinct by the way she takes care of other animals, especially kittens. For her 44th birthday, Koko was gifted a box of kittens, two of which she was allowed to adopt. Previously, Koko was the caretaker to a pair of cats for nearly 10 years until they passed away.

It is hoped that Koko’s interaction with kittens will encourage people to adopt or foster from their local shelters. Although Koko is helping foster three kittens at their shelter, she said they often have hundreds of kittens that need to be fostered or adopted at any given time.
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