Mission Impossible! Bottle Maze With Water For The Cat

Pusic is a sweet black and white cat who was found on the streets in winter, sick and very weak. His humans rescued him, gave him lots of love and attention and 3 years down the line he is a healthy, loving kitty – and very talented!

His humans are always thinking of new ways to entertain him. In this video, they’ve decided to build him a maze made of water bottles. I wonder how Pusic will do?

His human says: “This time we prepared a new maze for the cat. It’s in the form of bottle walls with water, and it’s not just a maze, we will experiment on it a little: we’ll change the location of the walls themselves (bottles of water) and watch the cat as he finds the exit. Enjoy watching the 3 levels!”

Will Pusic succeed and find his way out? Take a look and see.

Click to see how intelligent this rescue kitty is when he plays a guessing game with his human!

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