Mother Cat Hisses and the Kittens are Afraid of Me

As animal lovers, we would all like to help out the stray cats we come across on the streets, even the ones that are weary of human company and run for cover when approached. This video was made by Robin Seplut, a kind man who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties.

Even when he comes across cats that are weary of human company, he does his best to feed them and care for them. The mother cat (in this video) hisses at him, protective of her children, even though she eagerly accepts the food he has left for them. It’s such a delight to see this family, even if they are strays and living on the streets. Robin does his best, we need more people in this world like Robin.
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Click here to see how Robin rescued a young kitten in a rain storm!

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