Nala the Cat Seeking Some Snowy Affection

Nala, a beautiful, fluffy Norwegian Forest/Maine Coon mix who lives in Norway and she likes nothing more than to play in the snow.

So when the snow starts to fall she out in the backyard, jumping around, catching flakes and generally having lots of fun. Her human says: “Snow makes her go crazy (in a positive way). She doesn’t want to come in when she pops up at the door like that during snowy conditions.” She also loves to play with snowballs, and when her head pops up at the door she’s asking for someone to come out and play with her!

Winter is probably Nala’s favourite season and it’s not difficult to imagine why. Here she is having lots of fun catching snowballs…

A video posted by Nala (@living_with_nala) on

You can see more of Nala here!     And follow her on Instagram here

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Melinda Young - March 1, 2016

Beautiful cat you have there!!!

Krista Green - March 2, 2016

She's so cute

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