One-Pound Kitten is Such a Survivor

When Nigel the kitten was rescued he only weighed a pound, but he was a brave little fighter when the absolute worst thing happened.

He was found by a dumpster and his upper lip and nose was crusted over, it was thought by the vet that he had perhaps chewed on an electrical cable and received a shock.

The wound was making his breathing difficult so they tried to flush out his nose to clear the passageway when his nose just fell off. Nigel was too tiny to have the surgery he needed, the vet explained that he needed to be bigger before it was decided what was required.

The time arrived and he was given facial reconstruction, he now had an upper lip. While he was in recovery at the animal hospital, one of the workers totally fell in love with him, so Nigel had a new mama and he went home with her where he met his new best friend, Willow.

The pair of them now dote on each other and spend most of their time together. It’s so heart-warming to see how far little Nigel has come in such a short space of time.

Watch the video:

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