Our Overnight Foster Cat

Doug aka DrNworbs KitsCats is a lover of cats. For many years Doug and his partner have been amazing foster parents to many many needy kittens and because of this when their neighbor found a cat on the streets that appeared lost, she brought her round to Doug’s house.

Doug says: “We had the pleasure of meeting Trillium (real name Mango) when our neighbours dropped her off at our place after rescuing her from the street. Little did we all know that Mango’s mum was looking for her (Mango had managed to get out on her own) and luckily we reunited the two of them the very next day. Please make sure that your cats, whether they are indoor only or not, are tattooed, microchipped or have a collar on with their home information so that if they do get lost they can be returned home as quickly and easily as possible, thanks!”

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