Reducing a Hole for the Cat – When Will He Stop?

Pusic is a sweet black and white cat who was found on the streets in winter, sick and very weak. His humans rescued him, gave him lots of love and attention and 3 years down the line he is a healthy, loving kitty – and very talented!

In this video Pusic’s human has made a game for him to play. We all know how much cats like to squeeze through small holes well this game puts that to the test and we see just how far Pusic is willing to force himself through the ever diminishing hole. His human explains: “With each new passing of the cat through the hole, we make it smaller and smaller in diameter until the cat can pass it by himself because of his physical abilities. At what stage will this happen and will it happen at all?” He’s very determined and his final effort made me laugh out loud. I wonder if this talented kitty actually knows how entertaining he is?

Click here to see more of Pusic the cat’s antics!

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