Rescued Kittens Get All the Love and Care They Need From Their Foster Parents

Zane Lamprey and his wife Mel, who both work on the Travel Channel, arrived at the animal shelter looking for a kitty to take home with them. Zane came across one that was very poorly but knew instantly that the little kitten was going back with him.

When he inquired about the kitten he discovered that there were two more siblings that were also very sick. Well, that was it, all three were going home with him so he could nurse them back to health.

Zane and his wife had decided not to name the kittens, that way, they would not get too attached but that idea didn’t last long. Zane says: “If you have room in your home and your hearts, I encourage you to save a little life. It could fill both your hearts for a little lifetime.” The world needs more caring people like Zane and Mel.

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