Richard the Ragdoll Cat Loves Sliding on the Floor!

Whenever I visit my friends house I have noticed that she has an impeccably clean and shiny kitchen floor. I thought this odd, being a cat lover like myself, that there wasn’t traces of “cat life” like there is on my kitchen floor! Well after watching this I now know why!

Like the couple in this video one of her kitties is a Ragdoll, I can only presume that she too uses her cat to keep her kitchen floor shiny as a button! This can’t be right? This is cruel, I hear you all say, but after watching you will see that Richard the Ragdoll LOVES playing the sliding game with his human because he keeps coming back for more.

What a perfect way to entertain your kitty (and to keep the kitchen floor shiny!)

Here’s another kitty that likes to help with the housework!

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