Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls More Than Anything

A young lay, Erin, rescued a cat when she was in college, but animals weren’t allowed in the dorms and a week later she was found out and the school gave her 48 hours to try and find a home for the little ginger kitty she named Bailey.

Her parents couldn’t take him in as they already had 2 cats and a dog in the house. It broke her heart but she managed to find an elderly woman in the neighborhood that said she would take him but it didn’t work out so she managed to persuade her family to keep Bailey.

Thirteen years down the line and Bailey is still with Erin, who now has a family of her own and Bailey totally dotes on them. He follows them everywhere and is so gentle with them.

The two girls are always doing different things to him, they even dressed him up like a princess but he puts up with it all because he loves them very much.

What a joy to see and what a wonderful kitty Bailey is.

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