Simon’s Cat – Guide to More Boxes

To us humans, boxes are an every day item that we use all the time and even take for granted, but for cats, they are a whole world of adventure. Big boxes, small boxes, irregularly shaped boxes, it really doesn’t matter. Place one on the ground, on a chair or a bookshelf and watch your kitty discovered it’s inner most secrets.

In this latest offering from Simon’s cat we see Simon’s Cat and the Kitten battle with boxes in this delightful series of short vignettes. It’s cats vs boxes and who will win? The cat, the kitten or the box? YOU DECIDE! Lots of fun and hilarity with a magic box, a very cute kitten and the internet’s most mischievous cat!
Which box is your favourite?!
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Click here to see Swakke the cat and the hilarious box fail!

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