Stray Cat Sneaks into Family Car and Decides to Stay with Them Forever

When Melina was on her way to drop her daughter off at school one day, they were both suddenly surprised by a lost cat.

This random cat suddenly announced his presence by jumping up onto the dashboard.


At first Melina was in shock, and even started to panic for a bit. Then she realised that she’d actually seen this cat before wandering around outside her house.

Melina and her daughter were totally freaked out when they tried to move the cat off of the dashboard to a safer part of the car. But then the cat decided to find another spot and moved to the back of the car.


Once home, Marina and her daughter tried to catch the cat, but he managed to bolt from the car on his own. They thought that was the end of this episode in their lives and that he was probably long gone.

However, it didn’t take long for this cat to show up again. He was there the next morning, so she fed him breakfast, and now he comes for his breakfast every day.


It seems that this little kitty had had enough of living life as a stray cat but wasn’t quite sure how to tell them.

So Melina borrowed a humane trap from the local animal shelter and take the cat in.


She named him Dash and he will soon be off to vet to be neutered and vaccinated.

He will also be scanned to see if he has a microchip. If not, then it looks like Dash has found his forever home.

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