Orphan Kitty Finds Joy In The Shower!

Posted in Cat Stories - On: January 13, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: March 3, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

It's been known since forever that most cats don't like bathing. And that's putting it mildly!

But this kitty is different - she really enjoys her soak time!

Meet Pym - the Shower Cat!

pym on towel

Katie Behr first met Pym at her local animal shelter.

She had no intention of bringing a pet home that day, she just enjoyed going to see the animals.

kitten pym

But then she spotted a litter of kittens that were rescued from a farm after they'd lost their mother, and when she saw Pym amongst them she knew she wouldn't be going home alone.

Katie was totally smitten.

“I went to the shelter that day just for fun. I had NO intention of bringing home a pet, but when I saw her I couldn’t leave without her.” Katie told We Love Cats and Kittens.

pym the cat

Pym's obsession with water began when she followed Katie into the shower one day.

She's a naturally a curious kitty and wanted to see what her human mom was up to.

"She is like my shadow, wherever I go she goes," explained Katie.

wet cat

When Katie turned the shower on Pym just stood there, and unlike most kitties she immediately loved it.

Since that day whenever Katie has a shower, Pym has one too!

shower cat

At first, after her shower, Katie tried to towel-dry her but she really hated it.

She also tried her in a shower cap, a present from a TikTok fan, but Pym was having none of it!

shower cap

So now she has a post shower ritual to dry off, which involves standing in front of blow heater and then being wrapped in her very own bath robe which she looks really cute in.

pym in bath robe

Pym often jumps in the bath, demanding her favorite pastime.

She also has her own bath toys which of course includes a rubber ducky!

pym rubber duck

Apart from her obsession with water Pym is like any other cat.

Her favorite pastimes are cuddling, making kitty biscuits with her brother, and being mischievous.

But more than anything, she likes to be close to her human mom.

pym and katie

She's been with Katie for almost 8 years now and follows her everywhere, and she still likes to jump into the shower every day.

Katie loves her quirkiness and wouldn't be without her.

pym rainbow

Can't you see it written in her eyes? "Give me a shower, and I'll shower you with love!"

Watch the video to see Pym in action:

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