Rescued Kitten Loves to Swim with Her New Dad

Posted in Cat Videos - On: February 25, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Videos 
Last Updated: February 24, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

When Mike was helping out around his uncle’s house on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, he heard little meows coming from inside a wall.

The wall was covered in vines but there he found a tiny 5-week-old kitten all by herself.

rescued kitten in wall

Mike had felt for sometime that he needed a companion and there was this little kitten all alone.

Her family were nowhere to be seen so Mike decided there and then that this tiny kitten kitten needed a companion too.

rescued kitten with towel

Then it dawned on him that he was going to be a cat daddy!

rescued kitten with dad

He named her Gracie and it didn't take long for him to realise that Gracie was no ordinary cat.

Mike knew in his heart that this friendship was meant to be.

mike and gracie

Mike loves the great outdoors and is very active, he also lives in a small trailer which is not ideal for a kitten.

He felt bad about leaving her inside so he took Gracie outside with him and soon discovered that she loves to play and explore.

gracie outdoors

Then one day he took her to the beach and she ran right into the ocean to swim with him!

kitten swimming

It was quite a sight for Mike as he knew not all cats like water but Gracie jumped right in.

She loves her dad and wants to be with him everywhere he goes.

loves to swim

That was it for Mike, he was now a self-confessed cat dad and loves every minute he spends with Gracie and is so happy that she has become part of his life.

Who would have thought that this tiny little rescued kitten would love the great outdoors as much as her human dad. 

rescued kitten and cat dad

This adventurous couple were supposed to meet and spend their lives together.

Watch the video to see how happy they are:

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