Street Cat Finds Love After 10 Years Living as Feral

A tabby cat that had spent most of his life living on the streets, found love and happiness after a woman saved him from the brink. Lindsay, who is a rescuer and foster carer for cats, came across this scraggly tomcat a little over a year ago. “He was part of an outdoor colony that I was working on TNRing (Trap-neuter-return), and he was very trap-savvy and hard to catch,” Lindsay told Love Meow.

One day, Lynsey noticed that he was unwell and decided she had to rescue him because he definitely need help. “When we finally caught him he practically walked into the trap voluntarily, it was almost like he was begging for help.” Once at the vets he was treated for his severe mange and ear infection, then Lynsey took him home. As he was feral, she knew it would be a hard road to get him used to humans, but she came up with a great idea that had him looking for cuddles in no time.

You can read his whole story on Love Meow

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