T Rex Kitten Finds The Best Dad Ever

Mercury the kitten was only a few days old when he lost his arms in a terrible accident with a weed whacker. Fortunately, the vet he was taken to knew the perfect people to care for him. A couple that were fostering tiny kittens that needed constant care and bottle feeding took him in knowing that he would fit right in.

This little kitten had been through so much but he was quite healthy so they knew that he had a chance at surviving and gave him loads of attention. The couple realized that it was important to get him to move around a lot so that he would adapt to living life on two legs. They made him crawl around and climb things, they even bought a number of stairs that would help him get up on to the sofa and allow access to other places around the house. He still falls over a lot but this dedicated couple have helped him overcome his difficulties and given the chance to lead a normal life and the best thing to come out of this situation is the wonderful loving relationship he has with his human dad.

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