The Hunger Meows

The Hunger Meows
Meet Merlin! He’s a delightful Ragdoll kitty that lives with his sister Nerina. He loves being outside watching birds and hunting flies, flirting with Jessy the dog, grooming little sister Nerina, taking long naps, being woken up by human feeling like a baby kitten again and also food. He really LOVES food but he HATES having to wait for it. And as you will see, he has many different ways of asking for it. And all of them are really cute!

His human says: “Ragdoll Merlin knows that he’ll always get his meals punctually. He’s just so excited that he kindly asks us if it might be possible to prepare it even sooner.” What a total cutie!

Click here to see a really cute kitten scramble up her foster mama for food!

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