The Most Talented Cats in the World

The Most Talented Cats in the World
Meet the world’s most talented cats, Didga and her brother Boomer. They were both adopted by Robert aka Catmantoo. Robert is an animal trainer and behaviorist and he’s taught them everything they know, which is a lot!

Although they’ve both been through the same training they each have their own specialities. Didga holds the world record for the most tricks performed by a cat in one minute, Boomer’s thing is skateboarding and he holds a record too for skateboarding under 20 people. They’re pretty much the coolest cats ever. But even though they’re so well trained they can both be quite the handful. I think they’ve got to be two of my favorite cats on the planet – except for my own that is!

Click here to see just how good Boomer is at skateboarding!

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