Tiny Tortie Kitten Rescued from Underneath Car!

Tiny Tortie Kitten Rescued from Underneath Car!
A couple were driving their car when they saw a tiny kitten on the busy road. They immediately stopped to try and help and the kitten darted under their car and hid somewhere under the wheel arch. They couldn’t reach her so they called Cat Man Chris to come and help. It was touch and go as they were all worried that she might make a run for it into the oncoming traffic.

Fortunately Chris was able to capture the tiny lost kitten and put her safely into a cat box. They looked around the area to see if there was a mother or siblings but none were found. He took her home and decided to call her ZigZag and for those of you that regularly visit our site you will know that Chris thought she would be a good addition to the family and so now she is part of team Cole and Marmalade!

Click here to see the first time she met Cole and Marmalade along with her other sister Jugg!

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